Scholarships For Girls With Blue Eyes

Welcome to our page on scholarships for girls with blue eyes. Most likely you came here because you are interested in seeing if there are any scholarships available based on your eye color. Well, on this page we are going to provide you with some very eye related scholarships. If you have taken any time to look around at what we do you may notice that we specialize in matching students with weird scholarships. We have written multiple articles for students who want to find a scholarship based on their hair color and other strange queries like that. Well, we plan to do the same thing with blue eyed scholarships on this page. Our goal here is to write the very best page on the entire internet based around scholarships for blue eyes. Would you like to join us? If so, read on!

Is There Such A Thing As Blue Eyed Scholarships?

blue eyes

Yes and no. While there technically aren’t any scholarships out there (right now) that are being offered solely on the basis that the candidate have blue eyes, we have found a way to… improvise. Of course, in order to improvise we have had to make certain assumptions about you.

1. You want scholarship money for college (woot woot!)

2. You are interested in makeup/beauty school/cosmetology.

Now, we do realize that assumption number two is a bit of a stretch but bear with us. It was the closest thing we could find currently to a scholarship for blue eyes. Here is how this works. From this point on, it is our job to match you with a scholarship that you can apply for (easily) and give you a gameplan that you can implement to hopefully win enough scholarship money to pay your way through school.

Easy Scholarships Relating To Blue Eyes

crystal blue eyes

Below you may have noticed that we have put together a list of scholarships relating to blue eyes that you can apply for. If for whatever reason you find that you aren’t interested in any of the scholarships below PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE. Remember, our goal isn’t just to find you a blue eyed scholarship but to give you the gameplan that you need to win scholarship money of any kind.

Cosmix Makeup Schoalrship

Award Amount: $1,500 – $2,000
Application Timeline: Yearly
Competition: Medium

To learn more about/apply for the Cosmix Makeup Scholarship please visit This Link.

BSD Cosmetology School Scholarship

Award Amount: $2,500
Application Timeline: Yearly
Competition: High

To apply for this scholarship/learn more about, please visit This Link.

Hair Color Scholarships

You might find it interesting to know that there are actually quite a few scholarships out there that are given out to women with specific hair colors. Lucky for you, we have written about these scholarship opportunities on our site. So, if you meet any of these hairy qualifications it would be in your best interest to click on any of the links below.

You Need To Have A Gameplan

your gameplan

It is a well known fact that college can be expensive. Think of it like this, your tuition is only one of the many bills that will rack up over time. Eventually you are going to have to pay for books, parking, transportation and housing (if you don’t choose to commute.) For someone who is literally right out of high school, college (supposedly a “fun” experience) can turn into a nightmare.

Don’t worry though, because we have your back. In this section we are going to do our best to help you put a large dent in some of the expenses listed above by doing what we do best, giving you a gameplan for winning scholarships. Now, we realize that you initially came here because you were interested in finding a scholarship because you have blue eyes. Well, this section is going to be going a step further than your initial general inquiry for a couple of reasons. First off, you aren’t going to be able to afford college with any of the blue eyes scholarship we have listed above. Secondly, we legitimately feel that with our help we can improve your chances of winning a college grant drastically.

Step One: Apply for FAFSA immediately if you haven’t already. We say this on almost all of our pages because that is how important it is!

Step Two: Pick out an apply for some of the easier weird scholarships that we have listed within our site. We will help you out a little bit and give you a starting point:

Step Three: Remember, most people are lazy and won’t do this next step. We want you to take out a piece of paper and list out 100 different scholarships that you believe you can win. Then spend the next few months applying for them all one by one. You aren’t going to win every single one but you will certainly raise your chances of someone saying yes to your application!

(Tip: While it is important to choose scholarship that you are interested in. Only pick out the ones that you know you have a chance of winning.)

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